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With +7000 Martech tools it's time for Simple Bundles

Modern Marketers know 2 things to be true:

  • We NEED Marketing Technology to stay competitive & successful

  • It's very CHALLENGING to find right tools for each of our businesses

According to ChiefMartech's 2019 update of Martech Landscape, there are now 7040 tools, services & platforms available to us. In 8 years we've gone from 150 to 7000. Wow. Emily Afford from ClickZ summed it up perfectly in recent article on 2019 study, "it’s becoming impossible — or at least unreasonable — to track how wide this space has become."

Just look at the latest landscape graphic. How can we expect small Marketing teams to stay on top of this critical information. The answer is we can't. We need to find ways to make this easier for Marketing leaders.

Our Proposed Solution = Simple Bundled Subscriptions

Digital Marketing is maturing, and like every industry before it, key part of maturity is actually making things simpler for the buyers and users of the products.

Think about the auto industry. If you need a car to get to work, would you sort through +10,000 components yourself to find the best ones, or would you find an expert that has already done the research and "bundled" the parts into a package that is easy to understand, buy and use for your objective?

The novelty of Marketing Technology has passed. Marketers want it simplified so they can focus on their business objectives instead of what tech is best" Brendan Kenalty, President, demand4digital

We believe Martech needs to take this step in its maturity. As an industry we need to stop talking in detailed tech-speak, and start focusing on providing simpler "bundled" solutions that are easier for Marketers to understand, explain to their decision makers, buy and use.

At demand4digital, we are piloting a solution which provides Marketers with a bundled solution of appropriate Marketing Technology, operational support, content and other elements in a flat rate monthly subscription.

Reaction to the concept has been terrific, especially with small & medium sized business that want business impact of well selected and deployed marketing technology, but don't have the resources to figure it all out on their own.

We'd welcome any feedback or discussion on our thinking.

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