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LinkedIN drives 45% of Web Traffic for Law Firms

For our Lawyer friends out there, we pulled together some compelling statistics around the growing importance of investing in Digital & Social Marketing to attract new clients and retain current ones.

While websites and social media profiles may not have been as important a few years ago, today they are vital tool for your firm.

Think about some of these recent findings:

70% of law firms generated NEW clients through their website (Source: imarc)
33% of prospects began search for new attorney online (Source: imarc)
45% of traffic to law firm websites driven by LinkedIn (Source: Law Firm Suites)

Your website, LinkedIN presence, Google ranking & rating matter. Based on our we observations in the industry, many of your leading competitors have already increased investments in their digital programs to showcase the knowledge, expertise and successful track records of their people.

Modern Websites need to be visually stimulating, simple to navigate, with easy ways to find & contact people through a variety of channels. You many still prefer getting a call, but it's more important to provide prospects the choice to email, chat or text. Enabling prospects to communicate how and when THEY want, might be the tie-breaker to get a new client.

Couple of legal website stats:

74% of legal prospects visit law firm websites to take action;[Source: imarc]
70% of law firm websites don’t have clear "Call to Action" on homepage [Source: Legal Productivity]
66% of law firm websites don’t have "Contact Us" form to request more information. [Source: JurisPage]
68% of law firms don't have email address on homepage and 27% don't have phone number [Source: Legal Productivity]

Google is the front door to the internet. Google reports that +90% of on-line sessions in North America now start or involve a Google search. Google's growing impact in finding & rating local business and service providers makes this one of your top digital priorities. You must actively manage both your Ranking (how close to top of 1st page you are in search results) and your Rating (your consumer rating out of 5 stars). Rule of thumb is you need to get on the 1st page of search results, and your Rating should be +4 with at least 10 reviews.

LinkedIN profiles and content sharing matter. It's very important to have a robust professional page for your brand, and encourage every employee to have a profile that is consistent with your firm's branding and provide links back to your website. LinkedIn is a key platform for distributing your branded content to prospects and clients. We's suggest a 3 step process to deliver maximum reach and traffic back to your site:

  • Post content to blog on your Firm website

  • Post to your firm's LinkedIn page with link back to blog article

  • Have employees "share" the post on your firm's LinkedIn page to their individual profiles

To really supercharge the impact of LinkedIn on your organization we recommend adding 2 layers to your social media program:

  • Social Selling = Training and enabling your partners and revenue drivers to leverage modern best practices of top B2B Sales people

  • Employee Advocacy = Providing technology to allow your employees to have access to library of approved content, that they can easily find and share to their personal social channels with click of a button

Couple more Social Media statistics:

Potential clients for law firms spend average 16 minutes per hour on various social media platforms
In a survey of over 101 law firms, more than half grew their number of clients due to increased social media engagement and this trend will predictably grow in 2017. [Source: Stellar SEO]

Content will be the biggest challenge of your Digital evolution. Opinion papers, articles and posts are how you engage and demonstrate your knowledge to prospects over time. Sourcing and publishing a stream of high value, brand building content takes planning and commitment.  

A couple of statistics on growing use of video content:

By 2020, video will make up 82% of all consumer internet traffic, meaning law firms will be utilizing video as a medium for creating marketing content. [Source: Cisco)
When legal firms use video content for marketing purposes, web traffic from search engines increases by 41% when compared with firms that don’t utilize video. [Source: hitsearch]
Law firms that publish poor quality marketing videos will create a negative image of themselves in the minds of 62% of users. [Source: hitsearch]
Utilizing video marketing can increase a law firm’s organic search traffic by 157%. [Source: hitsearch]


The speed and complexity of the digital space is increased quickly. The growing number of channels, platforms, technology solutions and content types do make it hard keep your business up to date. 

Please let us help.  We provide fully managed digital marketing programs as a monthly subscription service. Designed to provide you with worry-free results in a simple bundle. Our on-demand programs plug-in to deliver integrated service containing all the elements required to deliver your specific business objectives. 

Learn more about these powerful bundled subscriptions can deliver measurable results as worry-free service.

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